We are a professional team of marketing.
We promise overwhelming growth of our business as a staff of the businessman.

We, Marco Polo Marketing Co.,
As a marketing producer company,
“Staff of the businessman”
“CMO: Chief Marketing Officer”
“Outside Director (Marketing Officer)”

We are assisting top executives and executives.
It is customer creation marketing that decides the success or failure of the business. Without marketing, the value produced in the business will not be monetized. Market environment, rival company, behavior of consumers are changing all the time. Is there a marketing system that is adapted to this change? Does the system have daily innovation? Our role is to make a new blow to business marketing strategy. It is to create a strategy for the future with the fresh zero-based thinking that is not captured against the challenges faced. In other words, “DISCOVER THE VALUE” rediscovering business value, re-creation.
Now, I think that there is a limit in improving tactics / battle level and efforts to realize overwhelming growth and leap in business. Conversely speaking, top strategic leadership is necessary to plan and study the strategy after inputting changes / information on the market to the top brains of the business itself and to drop the strategy into internal and external tactics and battle teams. And we need a brain that actively supports it.
“Speed” is an important factor for business, but “agility: agility / agility” is thought to be more important. Like savanna animals chasing prey, like football games that swiftly replace defense. We will provide marketing team & actions with agility and agility while maintaining a strategy of global view and confidence. Research ability to accurately grasp the market, PR media such as specialist / creator / consultant for each field with special talent to discover and create future new concepts based on it, PR media such as WEB, TV and magazines, advertising agency , We integrate all other necessary functions and we will produce teams that burn obsessive with business issues and marketing issues held by entrepreneurs. We commit to goals and move with actual expenses + performance fees.
Marco Polo’s company name was received from “Venezia merchant Marco Polo” (1254-1324). The above picture is when I visited the village “Venezia” (then Venice Republic) of Marco Polo in 2017. “Marco Polo” is a man who wrote the Oriental visit and introduced Japan as Zipangu of the Golden State. Marco Polo who traveled the countries with courage, discovered various values, widely conveyed. We believe that discovering the value (business, technology, human resources) buried in the world and disseminating it widely is the mission of contemporary marketing company, and we are doing business with the concept of “Tohokenbunroku of the 21st century” It started.
I think whether the option of marketing producer is still hard to imagine.
I am proud that it is a job that can contribute to the top management and management for the mature, advanced market, and complicated communication age.
Please do not hesitate to contact us. I think that we can offer new perspectives and tips to the next stage.
Marco Polo Marketing Co., Ltd.
Marketing Producer Shigeru Toyama

Company name
Marcopolo Marketing Inc.

Shigeru Toyama

Head Office
Nichinan, Miyazaki Prefecture

August, 2011


Major Banks
Japan Finance Corporation, Mizuho Bank

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